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Date Range Picker

The Date Range Picker lets the user select a range of dates.

Basic usage

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Component composition

The component is built using the MultiInputDateRangeField for the keyboard editing and the DateRangeCalendar for the view editing.

Check-out their documentation page for more information:

You can check the available props of the combined component on the dedicated API page. Some MultiInputDateRangeField props are not available on the Picker component, you can use slotProps.field to pass them to the field.

Uncontrolled vs. controlled value

The value of the component can be uncontrolled or controlled.

Uncontrolled picker

Controlled picker

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Available components

The component is available in four variants:

  • The DesktopDateRangePicker component which works best for mouse devices and large screens. It renders the views inside a popover and allows editing values directly inside the field.

  • The MobileDateRangePicker component which works best for touch devices and small screens. It renders the view inside a modal and does not allow editing values directly inside the field.

  • The DateRangePicker component which renders DesktopDateRangePicker or MobileDateRangePicker depending on the device it runs on.

  • The StaticDateRangePicker component which renders without the popover/modal and field.

Desktop variant

Mobile variant

Responsive variant

Static variant

Select date range

By default, the DateRangePicker component renders the desktop version if the media query @media (pointer: fine) matches. This can be customized with the desktopModeMediaQuery prop.

Form props

The component can be disabled or read-only.



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Render 1 to 3 months

You can render up to 3 months at the same time using the calendars prop.

1 calendar

2 calendars

3 calendars

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Use a single input field

You can pass the SingleInputDateRangeField component to the Date Range Picker to use it for keyboard editing. In such case the Picker component can pass the name prop to the input.

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Add shortcuts

To simplify range selection, you can add shortcuts.

Select date range
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • Last 7 Days
  • Current Month
  • Next Month
  • Reset
July 2024
August 2024

Customize the field

You can find the documentation in the Custom field page.


See the Date format and localization and Translated components documentation pages for more details.


See the Validation documentation page for more details.

Month Range Picker 🚧

The Month Range Picker allows setting a range of months.


See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.